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10 Types of Women You Want to Marry

The last time I wrote a blog, I wrote about the ten women to stay away from (and quite a few honorable... or dishonorable mentions). Now, let's talk about the ten women you want to marry.

  1. Women who do not have male friends are women you know you can trust. What do I mean by "male friends?" I'm talking about other men that they do not keep in touch with for any reason. Before anyone says anything, this is not an "insecurity" issue for men to want women who don't have a bunch of male friends lining up. I've said this somewhere before, and I'll say it here. Women who have at least one male friend are looking to replace the men they're with. All her boyfriend has to do is screw up, and she will replace him with one of her friends, especially one she's attracted to. A woman who isn't contacting anyone outside of her family is a woman a man can trust, whether on social media or by texting.

  2. Women who don't have 304 (or hoe) friends are women who are most likely not influenced by a circle of toxic people. Women who do not have friends who sleep around will most likely not sleep around. It's that simple. When you're with a woman, check her friends. Are they genuinely good people, or are they hiding that very well? If they are flirty and seek attention, they're most likely her hoe friends. If they like to party, they're definitely 304 friends.

  3. A woman who has some form of purity left. Before anyone says anything, I understand that there aren't many virgins around, considering so many lose their virginity (boys and girls) at very young ages... but that's another subject for someone else to cover. So, I will say that a woman with a very low body count is another woman you want to marry. No, the goal is not to sleep with her, fellas. Get your minds out of the gutter. The reason she's keeping her standards high and her body count low is because this is a woman of value. She is protecting her most valuable asset, and that's her body. She's not going to just let anyone have her. If you're lucky enough to win her heart, your job is to protect it. If you show her that you are the man she saved herself for, don't lose her. Don't be a dick and lose her.

  4. A woman who doesn't need to show off her body on social media (or anywhere online) is the woman you want to marry. She's not advertising her body for other men to see. She is saving it only for the man she wants to marry. This woman doesn't need validation from anyone else. If she's not out doing this while she's single, she's more than likely not going to do this when she's married. Keep in mind that a woman like this is very rare, just like a woman with a low body count. I don't care how pretty a woman is. If a woman is going to show off her body, whether in a bikini or nude, she's telling everyone she's available whether she's single or married. She's giving men something they can all jerk off to. Is this really the kind of woman you want?

  5. A woman of faith. I'm going to be careful here so I don't offend any so-called "Christian" or "Godly" women here, especially those who claim to be women of God yet they still cheat on their husbands, go out partying, or buy erotica novels (which is just as bad as men watching pornography). That said, there are actually women who do live by God's principles out there. If you are a God-fearing man, you want a God-fearing woman. You want a woman who does live by God's principles, and you also want a woman who isn't going to just throw scriptures at you because she thinks she's holier than you are. As a God-fearing man, your role is to lead her to God, not lead her to sin. Her role is not to lead you, but to inspire you to be a stronger man. Her role is to support you. There are women out there that will do this, but these women are also very rare. If you do run into one, you'd better not lose her.

  6. There are so many "masculine" women running around with pompous attitudes, thinking they're so much better than the men they deal with. You don't want a "masculine" woman. There is a fine line between a strong woman and a masculine woman. A strong woman knows how to be feminine, while your typical "strong and independent" woman who tells herself she doesn't need a man for anything is not feminine at all, nor is this woman kind. Men are attracted to femininity. Men do not want women who are "strong and independent" because men want their women to be submissive, not aggressive... unless the ones that do are beta males. Again, another story for another time. When I say feminine and submissive, I'm not talking just cooking and cleaning. I'm talking about being supportive. I'm talking about simply lending a listening ear. A man can come home from a long day of work, and all he wants to do is relax. A woman's role is to help him do that. A woman's role is to make his life better. Any woman who has an issue with this, I don't care how hot she is on the outside, is not the woman you want to marry.

  7. A woman who simply hates clubs, drinking, drugs, or anything of the sort is the woman you not only want in your life, but the woman you actually need in your life. She can help you slow down. An introvert is usually the way to go. She can even be an extrovert who hates partying and drinking and wants nothing to do with it (I've met plenty). The bottom line, whether introvert or extrovert, you don't want to be involved with a woman who goes to clubs every weekend, and often enough to where at least five guys in these places know who she is. She most likely does not sleep around with anyone because of this. You can trust her.

  8. Any woman who takes care of her appearance is a woman you want. If she's eating healthy, getting her exercise, and dressing well enough (whether business, casual, or for going out), she is the woman you want in your life. She doesn't need to be high maintenance. She doesn't need a ton of makeup, fake hair or nails, or designer clothes. She just needs confidence, discipline to keep her body in shape, and an imagination for how she wants to look. Also, she doesn't need to compete with other women over looks. A woman who is naturally beautiful without makeup or expensive clothing will remain more beautiful than any woman who goes through great lengths to dye her hair, inject her body with silicone, and put on enough makeup to make her look like a clown. If she must wear makeup, gently remind her that less is more.

  9. Women who have great relationships with both their parents, no matter how close they are, are the ones you want to marry. You don't want to marry a woman who resents her father for any reason, regardless of whatever he did. If she has hatred in her heart for her own father, what makes you think she won't hate you later on in life? A woman who resents her mother is no better. Chances are you probably won't respect her mother, either, but let's say that you do. You'll have her mother's back, and this woman will resent you for "taking her side," or maybe she'll accuse you of having feelings for her mother. I've actually seen this happen. The bottom line is you don't want drama in your life. If her family is that dysfunctional and she's putting herself in the middle of it, run away. She needs healing.

  10. A woman who does not have any ties to any of her exes is a woman you want. When I say no ties, I mean no ties. For you single mothers, this applies to you, too. I said no ties whatsoever. However, there are men who are okay with single mothers (sadly, I used to date a couple of them). Other ties include anything financial (like debt), pending lawsuits, diseases, etc. I don't care what ties a woman has to her ex. If she's not willing to cut the cord, she is not a woman you want. A woman without any ties to her exes is a woman who is free of whatever drama she had with him. He most likely will not jump back into the picture for any reason, and hopefully, he will have already moved on. A woman with no ties has already moved on with her life, chased her dreams, focused on her health, and she is doing good in life. Does she need a man? Not necessarily, but a good woman will never need to tell you that for any reason. She will check any of the above criteria, and she will show you that she wants you, and maybe tell you she needs you... possibly because she's obsessed with you, which could be a great thing.

There are good women out there, but keep in mind that I know you'd want a woman you're actually attracted to. Also keep in mind that there is no perfect woman, just like there is no perfect man. Everyone has flaws, some type of deformity, some type of craziness... whatever. We all have them. We also have things that make us unique. While there is no perfect woman, there is definitely a perfect woman for you.

Until next time, God bless.

The Freedom Runner

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