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Accountability is NOT Your Enemy

I will never understand why so many people are afraid of accountability. The only thing I hear many of them say is the same old bullshit they always say.

"Only God can judge me."

"Who are you to judge me?"

Then there are those who are so offended when one holds someone else accountable. They'll say things like:

"Live and let live."

Accountability has this stigma attached to it, apparently. It's like you do something you have no business doing, and you're worried about what someone would say and think. If anyone like this tells you they don't care what others think, they're full of shit. The truth is they care what you think if they're offended by the fact that you call them out on their bullshit. Lies are lies are lies.

Sadly, at one point or another in my life, I was just like the majority. I've done things I should not have done, and I have said things I should not have said. I believe I have broken most of the 10 commandments. If you want to be technical about that, I've broken all of them. According to God, hatred is the same as killing someone. God is right about this. Who am I to argue with Him?

The older I have gotten, the less I cared what others thought of me. Holding myself accountable for my actions became easier. My job isn't to judge anyone, or to pass judgment (the latter being what we're not supposed to do anyway). However, I can call out evil when I see it. I know there are consequences behind that, but I wouldn't be doing what God called all of us to do if I didn't call out evil and expose it.

The human nature is to believe that when one is calling out evil, they are exposing those who are doing these evil deeds as to embarrass them or humiliate them. That is not the case. It shouldn't be. So, it's in a human's nature to retaliate when their deeds are exposed. More evil is done from lies to murder.

You cheat on your spouse. You get caught, and then you try to cover your own ass with a lie. You keep lying until you're proven guilty. If you're not willing to confess, you have a meltdown, and you spin it around on anyone who catches you. You lack accountability.

You steal from a grocery store. Someone catches you. You tell that person to mind his own business because you don't want to be held accountability. Your reason for stealing is irrelevant at this point. Stealing is stealing.

You beat your wife. One of her friends calls you out. You tell her to mind her own business because you feel it doesn't concern her. In your mind, you're telling yourself (and everyone else) that you love your wife, and that she makes you do this to her. The honest-to-God truth is you're nothing but a fucking pussy, first of all. Secondly, you don't love your wife, nor do you love yourself.

You run through as many men as possible, and you're now being called a slut. You tell others not to judge you because you tell yourself you need love, and you can't find it. The truth is you don't love yourself, and you never have. Also, you're a single mother because of your terrible decisions, which involve sleeping with many different men while you're not even married to them, all because it's part of this generational cycle you're stuck in. Your mother did the same thing, had many kids with many different dads. Your grandmother did the same thing. Chances are at least one of your daughters will do the same thing, and chances are at least one of your sons will father a few children by more than one woman when he grows up.

Yes, that is also evil. I don't care who doesn't like it.

I have no sympathy for anyone who does evil and lacks accountability. We have all fallen short, myself included. Some of us actually want to hold ourselves accountable. Some of us are actually willing to grow from our bad decisions. Then you have others who refuse to grow at all, yet they call themselves grown.

There ain't shit about you grown if this is your mindset. Stop fucking lying to yourselves.

I want to encourage you to start holding yourselves accountable. Look at yourselves in the mirror. That is the very first thing you do. Stare into your own eyes for about a minute. You're going to see pain, guilt, and shame. If you see these things, you know you've fucked up. You know you have no peace in your soul. This is your come-to-Jesus moment.

God cannot forgive you for anything you have ever done if you do not ask Him. A closed mouth will never be fed, and a closed heart will never receive love. God is waiting for you. Go to Him, ask for forgiveness, and forgive your parents for failing you.

No, I'm serious. Forgive your parents for failing you. Forgive your father for not protecting you like a man should, and forgive your mother for resenting you enough to keep you from him. Forgive them both. Even if they are married still, forgive them. Why? Why do you still have pain in your hearts? Why are you still making bad decisions? Why are you still stealing? Why are you still cheating? Why are you still sleeping around? Why are you still beating your wives?


Forgive your father for being a weak man, and forgive your mother for being a complete bitch. When you forgive them, and when you forgive yourselves for making terrible decisions, you will achieve peace.

It worked for me.

Until next time, God bless.

The Freedom Runner


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