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Ambassador No More

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

I decided to write this post to give all of my readers some clarity on what this program is about, and to share a recent experience I've had with a company. I posted a video about this without giving the name of this company because I didn't want to slander anyone. That being said, keep reading.

This company, a certain non-alcoholic beer company that I put over in one of my videos, decided to retract my ambassadorship because they didn't like some of the things I've posted on social media. I'm not mad about it, nor am I hurt. I did laugh. This company was not aware of who they were dealing with.

I have no personal vendetta against them, but I will speak my peace here because it's my platform, and my constitutional right. I told them I'm happy they made this decision. They support agendas I don't agree with, as I just found out. If anything, they did me a favor by removing me from their program.

I will never compromise my core values, change my beliefs, or conform to the world for any company or any individual, just for the sake of being accepted. I don't need this company, and I don't need anyone approval except for God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Whether anyone loves me or hates me does not have any bearing on how I live, what I do, or how I conduct business.

Lastly, I do wish this company well. I'm not that bitter to the point where I'll say they'll never grow. It's a great product. I just want no part of it anymore. They're good without me.

Until next time...

The Freedom Runner

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