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Everything is Racist

As Reverend Jesse L. Peterson once said, "Racist is just another made-up word to control the whites." He's right about this. This word has been thrown around for decades to promote this thing called "white guilt," and now you see so many black people acting entitled. You also see so many white people encouraging them, and it's the same way so many encourage gays to be gay... but that's another post for another time.

If you've come this far on my blog and you're already offended, do me a favor and leave. I'm not catering to weak-minded people here. This is a non-filter blog, and Ican say whatever the hell I want! Everyone else can keep reading.

According to the liberals everywhere, everything is racist. The American flag is racist, country music is racist, The National Anthem is racist, anything that has to do with America in general is racist, President Trump is racist, God Himself is racist... even I'm racist. Yes, I've been told this.

You liberals make me sick.

If we don't agree with your views, we're racist, hateful bigots. Right? The truth is it's the other way. We're not the hateful ones, and we're certainly not racists. We don't tolerate bullshit from those who claim to be tolerant, yet they go around burning private property, stealing, attacking the elderly and attacking women and children, and then demanding we give up our money and our homes because they believe it will make up for over 400 years of slavery, something these ignorant people know nothing about.

First of all, you're not getting anywhere near my flag. Second, you won't come near my property. Third, try to attack my loved ones, and I promise that will be the last crime you commit. Lastly, slavery was started by black people and ended by white people. End of story!

I'm a black American (not an African American). I'm fed up with racism, and I'm not talking about white people. I'm talking about black people who believe, just because someone doesn't share their skin tone, that makes them the enemy. Just because someone hates rap or talks with proper English doesn't make them a racist. Many of them are racist themselves, and they're hypocrites. I grew up around them, and lived around them most of my life. I'm beyond fed up.

Call me a sellout if you want to. Call me all kinds of coons, Uncle Toms, house niggers, or whatever else you want if it helps you sleep at night. The only reason you would even think to do that is because, deep down inside, you know I'm right, and you know I'm telling the truth. Your problem is you're mentally weak, and you lack accountability. That's many of you blacks. For the whites who encourage this, you're no better, and you're just as racist as they are. You're also mentally weak.

I'll also say this: I don't need a white savior. In fact, I already have a savior, and He isn't white.

You're going to see a lot more posts like this from me... not on Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. You'll see it here.

Until next time, God bless.

The Freedom Runner


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