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Find What Works For You

Happy Monday, Freedom Followers!

If there is anything I've learned about this journey, it's to use what works. Whether it's the perfect fuel, the perfect brand or style of shoes, the perfect look, the perfect nutrition plan, or the perfect music to run to, you must find what works and use it, and don't make any changes unless adjustments are needed. By the way, this isn't just limited to running. This applies to everything else in life

Most people go around searching for answers when the answers are right in front of them. As I said in a previous post; life is a marathon and not a sprint. You don't have to be a marathoner to figure that out. Even if you are not a runner reading this blog, let me give you a couple of nuggets to take with you. Whether you're at a job, searching for a hobby, running a business, or in need of some changes in your life, you must find something that fits your mold, and only your mold. You are unique, and you are special. You have something that only you can take with you, and no one else. You have something about yourself that no one else can share or copy. Use that, and run with it.

Some of you are a bit expressive. Show it off. Show the world what makes you who you are. Whatever it is, this can gravitate people towards you. Some of you are introverts (like myself). Use that to your advantage. If sharing with the world is not truly your thing, allow it to organically attract people to you, even if you don't like large crowds (I admit, I'm a marathoner, and I still hate large crowds of people... go figure that one out...).

Find the style that fits your personality. Find your music. You may not necessarily have the same taste in music as you have 10 years ago. 20 years ago, I was into hip-hop. 10 years ago, I was into rock music. Today, I prefer the mellow genres such as jazz and other epic instrumental soundtracks. Your taste in clothing will change, and you will adapt to a brand new style that fits who you are. If you're in your 40s, this does not mean you are getting old. This simply means you are adapting to the environment around you while finding all the things that work for you. Styles change over time because you want something fresh, yet there are others who want to stay the same and be stuck in their own ways (and there's nothing wrong with that!).

Whatever the case, if you're going to change anything, make sure you're at peace with that decision, and make sure you do this for yourself, and no one else. Here's to a new style, and here's to growth!

Until Next Time...

The Freedom Runner


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