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Fit America Half Marathon

Greetings, Freedom Followers!

So, I have a couple of updates for you, and they are both very exciting things I want to share. The first thing is I am running in the Fit America Half Marathon. If you haven't seen my YouTube videos, please check them out. In this particular race, we will be handed these American flags. You bet your ass I'll be going patriotic in this one! No, I won't be pursuing a PR this time. I'll just be doing it for fun. However, if I do happen to beat my PR, then I won't complain one bit.

The other update I wanted to share with you is that I have just become an ambassador for AIM Supplements. This is a great opportunity for me to market myself, and these products. No, I'm not actually selling anything, but I am endorsing them, and I do have a discount code for anyone who is interested in getting them. I've just started using them, and I actually love these products.

I will create a page that will endorse the products, and I will include my discount code, which is FREEDOMRUNNER (all CAPS).

Until Next Time...

The Freedom Runner

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