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Last Night of Freedom

Let's spice things up a bit. Some of you might like where I'll go with this.

Tonight is a big night. It's your bachelor party. You're about to get married to a great girl in about a week. She's smart, she's fun, she's pretty, and she's very respectful. She also puts up with you, and she puts up with all of your shenanigans.

Oh, you know where this is going.

You're out and about with your buddies. Alcohol is involved, of course. You have at least one friend egging you on, getting you wasted. He happens to be single. Let's also say he's a bit jealous because you haven't spent enough time with the boys because your fiancee has gotten all of the attention. This man happens to be your best man, your best bud. You've known him for years.

The party makes a round at a sports bar. You have a round of beers and some shots. The party then goes to a gentlemen's club. This is where the fun begins. You see a bunch of half-naked women dancing on the laps of the male (and some female) patrons, and some women are also dancing on stage. Your best bud rented the best one in the building just for you, and he's rented her for one full hour. She takes you backstage to the "champaign room." You are receiving drinks, and you receive a lap dance. Because your buddy wants to see you enjoy yourself, he has already spent well over $1000 for the full hour, meaning this dancer will give you everything you want. Her job for the hour is to please you.

So, you're drunk, and you oblige. You're not really in your right mind, and because you see a hot, young woman dancing on your lap, and because everything is already paid for, you're endulging. Meanwhile, your buddies are throwing $1 bills at the dancers on the stage and enjoying the show.

You continue to endulge, and before you know it, your hour is up. You walk out of the champagne room, fasten your pants, and you have this awkward feeling you try to hide with a smile. You let your friends know you enjoyed yourself. Deep down inside, you know one thing...

... You fucked up.

A week later, your wedding happens. You and your friends agree to not say anything about the party. Unlucky for you, your fiancee is a very smart woman. She knows what you've done. To your surprise, she doesn't say "I do." She exposes you in front of everyone in the room, and she calls out your best friend for not holding you accountable. She leaves you at the altar because you are simply a no-good, cheating douche bag.

To top it all off, you just found out you got an STD. You probably should've protected yourself, buddy. In fact, you shouldn't have cheated at all.

To the ladies, you ain't off the hook. I got one for you, too.

You're just one week away from your wedding, and your girls are throwing you a bachelorette party. It's like a typical "girl's night out," but a bit wilder. Your girls take you bar-hopping, and you stop at this club. All of you are drunk off your asses, and you are the most wasted. Your best friends have pitched in to give you the time of your life. After all, it is your "last night of freedom" before you're stuck with the same man for the rest of your life. Right?

Your friends have come together to rent a muscle-bound man wearing only a thong (yikes). You're awkward at first, but you're drunk. He takes advantage, and your friends all egg you on as you enjoy him dancing all over you. Unlike the men from earlier, your friends all watch as he goes to town on you, and you voluntarily (or involuntarily... however you look at it, I guess) engage with him. Minutes have passed, and he has finished with you... or inside you. In your drunken state, you are quite unsure whether or not you enjoyed it. Once you were done, you enjoyed the moment of pleasure, and you believe you have impressed all of your friends.

Deep down inside, you are a bit guilty. You immediately start thinking of the nice guy you're about to marry. You can't believe you cheated, and chances are you've never cheated once before.

A week later, the wedding is here. This is your big day. Your friends are all excited for you, but you are still confused as to what happened the week before. You don't remember all of the details. Your friends don't fill you in on everything that happened, so to your knowledge, you did not do anything that would embarrass your fiance, or your parents. After all, your father is walking you down the aisle. You certainly would not want to embarrass him.

Finally, your dad escorts you down the aisle and to the altar. He gives you away to be married. You start overthinking. Before you even get a chance to say "I do," the groom decides to expose you. Somehow, there was a video of you, and it went viral overnight. The only ones who did not know about this video are your parents. No one had the heart to tell them. The groom showed everyone in the sanctuary the video of your wild night with the male dancer. You go from being embarrassed to being humiliated. He then leaves you at the altar.

Sometime later, you find out you're pregnant, and you're unsure of whether it's the groom's baby or the dancer's. You have no way to contact the dancer, so you contact your ex-fiance and inform him. He already wants nothing to do with you. Nine months later, you give birth, and you know for sure the baby belongs to the dancer, who is nowhere to be seen.

You probably should've thought twice before going to this club. In fact, you shouldn't have cheated in the first place.

If you're still reading this, I'm not discouraging anyone from having a bachelor or bachelorette party. However, I am letting you know what happens, and what could go down when you have toxic friends and/or allow alcohol to come into play. Also, these parties are terrible ideas if you're even considering marrying anyone. If you treat these parties as your "last night of freedom," you shouldn't get married. Marriage is not meant to be a trap, and it's not a prison. Marriage is a covenant established by God, and it is a covenant between two people where they become one. Sadly, too many people marry the wrong people. Sadly, these things happen during bachelor and bachelorette parties. Sadly, many never know they were cheated on at these parties.

If you're offended by any of this, maybe you have a guilty conscience. Maybe this post has convicted you. If this is the case, I advise you to pray about that. That is a discussion between you and God. If you're worried about anyone judging you, maybe you should pray about that, too.

Until next time, God bless.

The Freedom Runner


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