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Men Are Failing Women

Here's more brutal honesty for you. Here's also a bit of a disclaimer: I don't give a shit if any of you disagree with this post. That being said, here's what I want to talk about. We, as men, are failing our women. Here's why I say this.\

It all begins with Adam. He became a complete beta when he allowed Eve to be seduced by the serpent, who tricked her into giving the forbiden fruit to Adam. Adam was there when this happened, and he let it happen. Once he and Eve were caught, Adam threw her under the bus like a coward. Go back and read about it in the book of Genesis.

Now let's advance many generations later.

It begins with the father. As much as I'd like to talk about the terrible things modern women do (and let's be honest, there are many who are just plain evil), the men are still to blame. Who is supposed to be protecting the modern women from their mothers? Who is supposed to lead these women? Their fathers. Why haven't their fathers been able to lead? The single mothers keep their kids away, and that's because they learn this from their mothers, who learn from their own mothers, and so on.

It doesn't really begin there. Does it?

It all begins when a Chad or a Tyrone seduces a woman. Chances are he might have stolen this woman from some simp of a man. They have sex, she gets pregnant, she gives birth, and she raises a child. Because he has no idea how to be a father because his own father wasn't around to teach him, he is caught in his own generational cycle. Because he was most likely raised by his mother, he carries his mother's traits. He carries her mindset and emotions, so he becomes like a woman.

This is why these men become narcissists. Most of them have the mentality of their single mothers. Therefore, they are beta males.

The biggest reason these men leave these women to become single mothers is because they weren't man enough to commit to a relationship to begin with, let alone marry these women. You gotta understand. These women needed leaders, not sexual partners.

What is the common denominator? This is where math is important?

God was never in the picture to begin with! If these men were God-fearing men (not church-going men), they wouldn't sleep around with as many women as possible, and they wouldn't need to compete with each other to see who can sleep with more women. What these men do not understand is that sex is like a drug, and it's really no different than alcohol, cocaine, weed, tobacco, or pornography. All of these vices fill an empty void when God is not present in their lives, and instead of seeking refuge in God, they seek refuge in at least one of these vices.

You disagree? That's too fucking bad. Exit out now. If you agree, let's continue.

A man must seek God's kingdom first. He must look to God. Instead of chasing a woman, which is something no man should be doing anyway, he should chase God and seek His kingdom, and all will be added. This includes a wife. When a man becomes a true man of God, all will be added to him. He must repent of his sins, and he must forgive his parents. He must return to his father first, and he must forgive his father for not protecting him from his mother. His mother is the one who passed her traits down to him, so be became more like her. In order to break this, he must forgive her as well because she hated him. She hated him because she hated his father for being a weak man. He was most likely a Chad or a Tyrone.

Once this man forgives both of his parents, then he must continue to seek God's kingdom, and all will be added to him. When God presents him with the woman he's supposed to marry, he will be able to love her with the love of God, and he will be able to lead her from evil. She will look to him, submit to him, and respect him. He will love her as Jesus loves the church. He will love her, honor her, and cherish her. He won't be a Chad or Tyrone-type beta male like his father. He will actually be a leader in his home. She won't be a complete bitch. She will be the woman best described in Proverbs 31.

How will this happen? Both will have sought the Kingdom of God, and both will have asked God to prepare them to be husband and wife, respectively. He will have asked God to prepare him to be a husband physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually. She will have asked God to prepare her to be a wife. They will get married, and it will be God who establishes the covenant. Not the preacher, or a judge, but God. The officiant, whether the preacher or a judge is only there to do his job at marrying them, but he does not establish a covenant. God establishes a covenant between man and woman so that two become one in flesh.

When God puts these two together, no man can separate them. There will be challenges, and there will be obstacles. Satan will try to divide them. They will have influences that will try to tear them apart. He will have family members, friends, coworkers, and other women come out of nowhere. Those other women will try to seduce him. She will have family members, friends, coworkers, and other men come out of nowhere. Those men will try to steal her from her husband. Because these two are rooted in God's word, and because they sought first the kingdom of God, they will remain loyal and faithful to one another.

Because most marriages do not have God included, marriages fail. Because at least one person did not seek God's kingdom, these marriages are unequally yoked marriages. Even if that one other person is a believer, he or she did not seek God's kingdom and ask about the one he or she is marrying. They tried to make it work themselves, and God simply allowed them to marry. God allows them to marry, and God allows them to divorce because the marriage simply did not work due to at least one of them being unhappy. There are many factors that come into play, such as infidelity, abuse, or my favorite, "irreconcilable differences," aka the husband doesn't make enough money and the wife simply wants out.

Let's not forget that the women initiate most of these said divorces.

Speaking of women initiating things, I gotta say this. If women are the ones who initiate the relationships, and if they are the ones who initiate the marriages, it will never work. These women are all led by their emotions. Sure, a lot of them may have the best of intentions, but it should not be up to the women to initiate anything. If a man is really into a woman that's into him, he should initiate the relationship. He should propose marriage. He's supposed to be the one taking the lead, not the woman. Remember, my last post also talks about the man being financially responsible for his wife and now allowing her to take any of the financial burden.

Simply put, men fail because they do not seek God's kingdom. Men fail because they are led by their dicks, not by God. Women are led by their emotions, not by these men that fail them. The fathers of these women also fail because they should be the ones to protect their daughters from the world, and from the Chads and Tyrones of the world. The fathers are supposed to protect their daughters until it's time for them to marry, and the fathers are supposed to give their daughters away to their suitors.

Fellas, seek the kingdom of God, and all will be added to you. God will bless you with the woman you are supposed to marry.

Until next time, God bless.

The Freedom Runner


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