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My Training So Far

So, I thought I'd update all of you on how my training has been going. So far, it's been going very well. My running has felt so much better. I feel stronger, I have more energy, and I have less soreness. After each run, I feel like I can go more.

I have very big goals. Just so I don't put a hex on myself, I won't mention my goals (some of you who know me may know what my goals are). With my coach giving me the guidance and the tools I need, I know I will achieve everything that is possible for me. With my newfound motivation to train harder than I have before, I feel very confident those goals will not only be met, but be crushed. It's time to smash through the ceiling.

I have a half marathon that I'd like to sign up for soon, which will take place in September, and I have a 20-miler a week or two after that race. That race will be a tune-up for the Chicago Marathon, and the 20-miler will be my longest long run of the year for me until it's time to taper down for the big race.

As of now, I have no injuries, and hopefully it stays that way. I can honestly say I haven't felt this good in a long time. The strength training has definitely helped. As I said, I am getting stronger for the race, and to make things even better, I am shredding.

All in all, this is an excellent month for training. June has always been the toughest month for me, but I got through it. July is where great things always happen. For all the hard work and early mornings I have put in, I give God all the glory for all that has happened.

Until next time...

The Freedom Runner

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