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Social Media Influencer? Why Not?

Has anyone ever thought about becoming a social media influencer? Well, I have recently thought about this, and I would love to give it a try. I have all of the major social media accounts with the same theme. I'm posting my content daily. I'm doing some reading up on what it would take to do it, and I'm working on my craft. Why wouldn't I want to try?

My goal isn't to make a ton of money (although, that would be nice). The goal is simply to change the narrative and turn all of my passions into my profession, and never have to rely on some other person signing my paycheck every week. Once that's done, my goal is to inspire everyone else to do the same.

Just like most people, I work a "regular job" in the "real world". As I said in a previous post, I hate how the world works. Ladies and gentlemen, it's okay to understand how the world works and hate it at the same time. That is where I am. It's also okay to follow your dreams and turn whatever passion you have into what makes you money. To put things into more context, I'm not telling anyone to quit their jobs right away, so please do not quit your jobs until you are sure you can earn consistent income doing what you enjoy. Yes, I will create another post on this soon enough.

Even if I never make it (IF I never make it), I will know that I have given it my best, but that does not mean I will stop. I will keep going. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. I'm a bit of a slow starter, but I've always been a fast finisher.

Until Next Time...

The Freedom Runner


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