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10 Types of Women to Stay Away From (In No Particular Order)

Thank you all for tuning in. I've been posting about this subject on TikTok a lot lately, and I'll post on this blog to further elaborate my reasoning for it based on my experience and everything that happens around me. I've dated quite a bit while I was younger, and while I'm no longer dating (nor do I have the desire to), I will gladly give younger men advice on what to look for when it comes to avoiding the wrong woman, which will lead them to the right ones.

Disclaimer: This post will trigger some of the more sensitive women. If you don't want to be triggered, please do not continue reading this post. If you do want something to argue about, keep reading.

  1. Avoid any woman that does not share your beliefs. Fellas, you should not compromise your faith, your political views, or any value you have because of a woman. You want a woman that you can be on the same alignment with. Example: If you are a Christian man, why would you marry a Muslim? Why would you want an Atheist, someone who claims God doesn't exist? If you're a conservative, why are you wasting your time and energy on a liberal?

  2. Single mothers. Don't get me wrong, ladies. There are some decent single mothers out there. There are actually widows who may have been very good wives and lost their husbands somehow. I won't talk about the widows, or the decent single mothers who actually loved their husbands until their husbands turned out to be deadbeats. The reason I'm including single mothers on this list is because most men (myself included) would rather start their own families and not raise another man's kid. Also, most single mothers wouldn't allow the stepfather to have any authority over their kids, so basically, it's like the stepfather is the child's friend (or in some cases, older brother, which is quite pathetic). Her children will most likely hate you (most specifically a daughter). If you do somehow become attached to her children and they do accept you, you'll have to walk on eggshells to keep your woman happy. Once the woman decides to end the relationship for any reason, the man gets his heart broken twice because he's attached to the child(ren). Guys, do you really want to deal with this? Why not start a family of your own? Another thing I need to say about the single mother is that her baby's father still owns her guts. If she decides to spend any time with him, good luck getting him out of the picture. If she wants to go have sex with him, there isn't much you can do about this. Sure, you can go beat his ass and run the risk of getting arrested if you want, but is she really worth the trouble? If this is really the case, the best decision for you to make is to move on.

  3. Women who have male friends. Unfortunately, I didn't know this when I was younger. I actually dated a woman who had two male best friends (one of them shared my first name). I'm not sure if she has done anything behind my back, but there was this one time she did go to lunch with one of them. I was not okay with this. That soured my relationship with her, and we eventually broke up months later. Guys, her male friends are your replacement. They are not your friends, and they will never be your friends. They may pretend to like you, but they're all waiting for you to fuck up. If they haven't fucked her already, they're waiting in line. If they have, you most likely don't know anything about this, and they're laughing at you behind your back. She keeps her male friends around for different reasons, like free validation, protection in case anything happens between you and her, a shoulder to cry on, someone to simp for her, or worse, because she doesn't think you're good enough in bed and she wants to get off. Guys, stay away from women who have a bunch of male friends. Even one male friend is one too many. That guy friend is definitely your replacement, and she's keeping him a secret, even if you've already met him.

  4. Women with hoe friends. If there is anything worse than a woman with male friends, it's a woman with hoe friends. These girls are most likely single and riding the carousel. Chances are you might have met at least one of them. If this friend of hers doesn't like you, she's going to get into your woman's head, and then she'll tell her other friends about how much of a dork you are. They'll plan a girl's night out, and they'll invite your woman, and she'll decide to go. They'll purposely find a man for her to dance with, and the next thing you know, she's waking up in this man's bed the next morning. She'll keep secrets from you after this, at least until a social media post or a video of her and the other guy is leaked. So many men have women like this, and so many men get destroyed because of it. If she wants to remain with her toxic friends, let her.

  5. Women who don't respect their parents. This is a big one. It's one thing to not have a good relationship with parents, but if she doesn't respect them simply because they're her parents, especially when they have been good to her, she is clearly the wrong one for you. If she's going to scream at her father and mother for any reason, what makes you think she won't scream at you when you do something she doesn't like? She doesn't respect authority. If you decide to marry this one, you ARE her authority (that does not mean boss her around, gentlemen). She is supposed to respect you because you are her husband. Respect (or lack thereof) is one of the many reasons marriages don't work out.

  6. Any woman with a very high body count. I really should not have to explain this, but I will. Men want women who have some form of purity. It really doesn't matter how old or young she is, if she's been with more men (or women) than the number of women you've been with, it will never work. It won't work, guys. She's been used up more than a light switch. She's lost her value. Compare her to a used car that has just been purchased and used up again. She continues to lose her value with the rising of number of dicks inside her. Finding a woman who has any purity is like finding a needle in a haystack, or like hundreds of them.

  7. High maintenance women. These are among the worst. These women will spend money (whether yours or her own) to get their hair done, their nails done, new dresses, new purses, new shoes, and they will expect you to match her taste and purchase expensive things for her. They will even go to extremes such as fake eyelashes, fake hair gelled to their foreheads, breast implants, butt injections, lip injections, and other fake shit that men really don't care about. These same women have nothing else to offer or bring to the table except for their bodies. They will brag about their material possessions. They try to compete with other women for top-earning men who won't want them anyway.

  8. Anyone old enough to be your mom. So many younger men go out of their way to get in bed with cougars and MILFs (or even GILFs) just for the experience, but you'll notice there are quite a few who will actually try to date these women because they're too geeky to find anyone else. Okay, I'll be nice about this... they lack confidence. This is the only reason they try women who are significantly older than them. Men, please stop this. You do not love these women, so why are you wasting your time with them? I don't give a shit about their appearances. You don't love them. Level the fuck up in areas where you need to, whether it's your looks, money, career, or social circle. Level up and get the confidence. You should be thinking that you can have any girl you want.

  9. Divorcees. Okay, not all divorcees are bad, but I'll speak about them in general. There is a reason she is divorced. She may be divorced because her husband cheated on her or physically abused her. If this is the case, I'm not including her into what I'm going to say next. That said, women initiate most of the divorces in our country, and they will divorce you if they're not happy for any reason, and they'll claim that you emotionally abused them or "financially abused" them. Stupid bullshit reasons, right? If this is the case, stay away from women like these. If she continues to talk about how much of a narcissist her ex was, maybe she was the problem and didn't want to take accountability for her bullshit. Call her out and get rid of her. If she has a history of cheating and won't take accountability for it, run as fast as you possibly can. It's one thing to have cheated on someone in the past, but at some point, you gotta grow up. Right? Also, if she has kids and you're trying to date her, scroll back up to number 2.

  10. Gold diggers. These women are probably the worst. They have absolutely nothing to offer. They don't love you, and they will never love you. It doesn't matter how rich you are or how great you are to her; they will never be satisfied. They will drain you of your bank accounts, and they will drain their side piece named Chad or Tyrone of their sperm behind your back. Do not marry a woman like this. Stay as far away from gold diggers as you possibly can. Do not even entertain having sex with any of them. They're not worth the trouble, and you don't really know where they've been anyway.

Honorable mentions:

Anyone who had a "hoe phase." She will most likely cheat on you. Stay away from her.

Women raised by single mothers. Okay, not all are bad, but I'm still generalizing here. Why do you think their mothers are single mothers? Pay attention to the pattern of behavior, and you'll get your answer.

Compulsive liars. Possibly worse than gold diggers. If she's going to lie about even the slightest things and keep secrets, what makes you think she isn't lying about other men?

Social media models or content creators. This one is quite broad, but I'll break this one down. No, not all content creators are terrible to date, but you do have to keep in mind that so many of them will get male attention whether intentional or not. You're still competing for her attention. If she is actually allowing all these men to think they have any chance with her, she is not the one. If she is posting pictures of herself in bikinis or tight dresses, sexualizing herself in any of these photos, or posting videos of herself shaking her ass, she is not the one you want to marry or even date. Most men want women who are modest. Pay clear attention to what I'm going to say next. If she is actually loving this attention she's receiving, let the other men have her. You do not want a woman to show herself available while she's with you. Oh, and let's not forget about the ones who go on social media and complains about her relationship with you. If you find any content made by her trashing you in any way, dump her immediately.

Any woman who owns a house. Sadly, I also had to learn this one the hard way. NEVER move into a woman's house. It will not end well. If you and her fight for any reason, you will never hear the end of it. She can get tired of you, and she can decide to throw you out at any time. Most of these women do not love you. They think you're weak. She will never be satisfied with your help around the house. She will eventually throw you out, and there's nothing you can do about it.

Any woman who still talks to any of her exes for any reason. Enough said.

Sex workers (whores, strippers, etc). Do I really need to explain this? You can't turn any of them into housewives.

Party girls. You do not want a woman who goes out every other day, or even every weekend. She most likely won't settle down until she's about 30. This woman is more likely to cheat on you, especially if she has hoe friends. When she does settle down, you'd better hope she isn't "settling" for you. She'll cheat on you after this.

Women who finally decide to settle down. In most cases, these women have already partied themselves out by the age of 30 and want to finally settle down, so they do settle for someone like you. After a few years of marrying you, they get bored and wish they could party with their single friends. Their friends eventually talk them into it. If you want further, see the girls with hoe friends. I don't need to explain further. Also, scroll back up to the ones with high body counts. Just avoid these women altogether if you can.

Career-oriented women. They seem to think we care about their college degrees and their promotions and positions of power. Here's a shocker; we don't. Try going on a date with any of them, and you'll sit down at a job interview feeling like you have to impress them when they should be the ones trying to impress you, and not with their career resume. They're not suitable to be wives because... See below.

"Strong and independent" women. They might even be worse than gold diggers. At least gold digger admit they depend on the men they're after. The ones claiming to be strong and independent say they don't need men for anything, and they feel they can do all by themselves. Pride is their enemy, and can be their downfall. You can't do anything for them that they can't do for themselves, and they'll let you know about it. Basically, you'll have to earn twice as much as they do to impress them. If you earn less and they seem interested, there's only one reason... maybe two reasons they'd go after you. The first reason is they'll just use you as a play thing until they find something better. The other reason is they're settling for you because no high value man wants to deal with them, and their age (or even appearance) may be factors because high value men want younger and prettier. Most of these SI women have hit the wall and probably live with their cats or dogs, and the only men sliding in their DMs are only trying to get laid.

Now, let's discuss this.

There is no perfect woman. This is not a post about finding the perfect woman. This isn't even about finding the right one. I can't tell any of you who the right woman for you will be. That is between you and God. If you put God first and seek His kingdom, He will lead you to her. I will tell you which women to avoid. In fact, I already have. Do not let your lust lead you to any of these women. Sex is not that important, and you do not need to fuck any of these women for any reason. They will destroy you eventually. All of the women I have described are all toxic.

So, what about the good ones? Where are all the good women? What should you look for?

Look at how she treats you, first of all. Okay, first off, make sure she is single. If she is single, she treats you very well, does the little things for you, and gives you peace and protects your heart, she's the one you want. If she's respectful to you and others, especially her parents, she's a keeper. If she doesn't have hoe friends or a bunch of male friends she seeks attention from, she's a keeper. In fact, if she is willing to cut her male friends off (without you asking her to), that is a bonus. If this woman does enter your life, don't throw her away. Don't treat her like dirt. Protect her at all costs.

Until next time, God bless.

The Freedom Runner


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