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The Worst Insult Ever Received

I've been called every name in the book. I've been disrespected in just about every way there is to disrespect someone, and by many people. Nothing comes close to what my mother once said about me, and it wasn't even intentional. In the wake of some incident involving an unarmed black man (I forget the name) gunned down at the hands of an officer, she put up a Facebook post with pictures of all of the men in the immediate family, which included me, two of my brothers, and my cousin. She said that we were all targets of police officers.

I don't believe she meant any harm, and I doubt the others saw it as a problem. Me? I took it as a shot in the gut. I will tell you why.

I do not see myself as a target of any police officer because I've never committed any crimes, nor am I dangerous enough to be a target if I were one. I'm also not stupid enough to run from the police. Also, I do not see police officers as a threat. I don't have a reason to see them as a threat. If I see anyone as a threat, it's other black men. They are more of a threat to me than anyone else at this point, especially those who live in large democratic cities. This is where all the black-on-black crimes happen. They see someone the don't like, they may feel threatened, and something may go down. It usually ends in one black man dying at the hands (and a gun) of another.

To say that I'm a target of police officers is not exactly how I would invision anyone in my family describing me. I don't care if anyone is concerned for my safety, and I don't care if anyone is actually afraid of police officers. I'm not scared of them. I actually respect police officers, and I usually thank them for serving their communities.

I am so sick of parents who teach their children to fear the police, and I am tired of black people telling each other that the police are the enemy. Why not hold yourselves accountable, black people? Why not hold each other accountable? Instead of worrying about the police, why not try doing the right thing? Stop stealing. Stop vandalizing. Stop shooting and killing each other. This is the biggest reason black people can't have nice things or move forward in life. Many of them take, take, and take. Many do not work hard for what they get because they are lazy. They'd rather receive handouts and freebies. Many are lazy. The lazy ones hate the more successful black people for being wealthy, and they hate the hard-working black people for actually doing it right.

It's easy to commit crimes and take what others have worked hard for. Right?

I will tell you one thing. Black people need to stop blaming the "white man" for their own problems. It's like a woman blaming me for not being there for her because she was the one who got caught cheating. It's the same shit. Black people do not want to be held accountable. If you ask me, they're not only afraid of the police. They are afraid of accountablilty.

Go to any liberal black community, and I guarantee you will see garbage everywhere, worn-down buildings vandalized, young men running around with their pants hanging off their asses, young women dressed like sluts, and a bunch of single moms everywhere. Most of the older men might be locked up. Go to any liberal black city, and this is what life is like for them. This ain't no stereotype.

It is rare to find a black man who is a top earner. It is rare to find a black woman who is a housewife and married to that black man. It is rare to find a black boy who is focused on his dreams and staying out of trouble, and not getting some black girl pregnant at the age of 15. It is also very rare for a young black man to court a young black woman and try to impress her very protective father. You will not find that in the inner-city. You may find that in the suburban areas.

Yet, those people are considered "targets" of the police by their own people. Why? The ones who actually commit the crimes are the ones getting gunned down for running away or resisting arrest. Do I condone that? No, I don't. However, at some point, when are these people going to learn? You resist arrest, those cops will use force. If you are stupid enough to fight with them or pull out a gun or a knife, you will get shot.

As I said earlier, I am no target. I've done nothing to be a target of any police officer. I am, however, a lot more concerned about my fellow black men because I'm nothing like many of them. Many either commit the crimes or applaud them. The rest of us would rather work hard for what we get, earn our pay, and live for God.

Black people, get it together.

Until next time, God bless.

The Freedom Runner


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