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Why do I run?

Thank you all for tuning in! So, I want to share a little bit of a transparent post of sorts. I'll start by what annoys me, so brace yourselves.

Let's say that I talk to someone for the first time. It could be anyone. This person decides to share important things that he or she enjoys doing. It could be drinking, partying, traveling, or socializing. While I don't particularly care for all of the above, I don't openly say "Yeah, well I don't enjoy any of that." I make it a point to listen to them talk about their interests.

Now, let's reverse the roles. The same person asks me what I enjoy doing. I'll simply say "I enjoy running." The next thing that this person says is this:

"Oh, I hate running!"

This is where I end the conversation, and this is where I walk away. Why do I walk away from this person? It's because this person simply trashed my personal interest, and something very important to me. Had I trashed the drinking or the traveling, this person would've walked away.

Now that I got that out of the way, let's go onto why I actually enjoy running... just in case you have any questions about that.

I run because it gives me peace. It's just me and the pavement, and my little hydration belt. I get up in the morning, put on my running gear, eat something light, do some dynamic stretches, warm up, turn my music on, and I hit the road; not the sidewalk, but the actual road!

For me, running is therapeutic. It helps me relax, relieve stress, and forget all about life's problems. I'm a 40-year-old single man with no children. I'm not dating anyone, and I don't really have a desire to date anyone. Because I am completely introverted This is my happy place. This is where I am free to roam the streets and run a few miles a day.

Running is great for my mental health. I don't have any mental disorders or anything like that, but with the way the world is today, running actually helps keep me sane. It actually keeps me from choking someone until they run out of air. Hey, there's another benefit, and more lives are spared. (It's okay to laugh!!) All kidding aside, it really does help me keep my sanity, and it allows me to process some of my thoughts while getting rid of the negativity. Most times, I completely lose focus of everything but the run.

While some people turn to drinking, gambling, drugs, sex, or worldly things like mainstream media and really bad entertainment, I'll spend an hour running. I do this four days a week. It's a habit, and unlike the drinking and the drugs, it's a healthy one. Will I judge anyone who decides to drink and do drugs? Absolutely. If it makes you a terrible person, I'll judge your character! I can expect you to do the same, too.

For me, what I want most in life is peace. Many people who do what I described earlier in this post do not have peace in their lives, and that's why they say things like "I hate running," or "you're crazy to run so much." Because they have miserable lives themselves, they trash what others enjoy, especially when those things are actually productive and healthy. I would tell them "Maybe you should try it sometime," but I'd prefer to just walk away. Someone else can deal with them.

Until next time, God bless.

The Freedom Runner

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