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Welcome to the Freedom 4:13 Social Media Website! I am "The Freedom Runner", and I am a social media influencer, certified BODi Coach, personal trainer, and entrepreneur. I am also a Christian and conservative. My job is simple, and that is to help everyone who comes to Freedom 4:13 achieve freedom as they see it when it comes to health and fitness, and possible business opportunities. I can even help promote your business!

On this website, you will see my work on social media platforms, mainly from YouTube and Instagram. I have fitness programs for anyone through virtual coaching and training. There are a variety of events I want to invite you to, and you can find them here on the site. Last, but not least, the merchandise you see in my videos and photos are mine. I've designed them, and you can order them from my shop!

Another one of my talents is writing, so you can expect to see a new blog post periodically. Read my thoughts on the blogs.

Freedom 4:13 has expanded, so I hope you enjoy my platform!

God bless!

The Freedom Runner

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